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Ditching the Sandals? Squeeze the Day!

          What's Your Go-To for Fashion Fun? This Covid shutdown has gotten to me in a big way.  Yes, thank goodness, there's Zoom.  So I know  that friends and other people are out there.  At the beginning, working from home was a novel idea, and, I know some of you have done this for years.  But, no networking over coffee?  Restaurants in some states are still partially closed.  If you're like me, for a while I wasn't even combing  my hair.  Forget makeup!   And now, it's time to think about ditching the sandals. Well, Winter is coming.  The school year is starting.  And, my mind wanders to socks --- Yes, while I might be in sweats, jeans, or...

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StampinUp!® OnStage & Why Paper-Crafting

Thousands of women in places like Minneapolis, Charlotte, Quebec City, Dusseldorf, Munich, Paris, and Tokyo, plus several other cities, gathered two weeks ago for an event called "OnStage."   OnStage is held twice a year, by a company called StampinUp©.  But, it's more than just a crafting event.  For some of the women who attend, paper crafting is a hobby, something to do as a distraction when tensions rise.  For others, it's a business.  And, in case you're chuckling, under your breath, several women who attended, have sold over $1,000,000 worth of product and have teams of both men and women. Yes -- it's hard to believe, women and some men, are living in a creative space with stamps, ink, and paper....

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How the Topic of Women's Periods Could Change a Country

How one man has been able to bring a taboo subject to light and help women. Don't you just love finding gems in unexpected places.  Last night I happened upon a film on Netflix entitled Pad Man.  A film about a man who was inspired by the lack of sanitary conditions in India for menstruating women.  He created a low-cost sanitary pad.  This film and story were based on the real experience of Arunachalam Muruganantham.          So why this film?   Pad Man is a must-see film for many reasons --- Arunachalam Muruganatham saw a problem and created a solution.  It took him years.  A man with limited formal education who is brilliant, resilient, resourceful, and creative. Arunachalam Muruganatham exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit in...

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