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Studio 36 - Visiting Pottstown, PA

Studio 36 was my destination.  A brand new bead shop with handcrafted artisan jewelry and beading supplies, run by owner and designer Lisa Applegate.

Lisa Applegate - Studio 36What a great afternoon.  I was in search of size 11 beads for a new bracelet I plan to make.  Although I have, in the past, done most of my shopping online, I decided to take a trip.  I had received a notice about this new bead shop which opened yesterday in Pottstown, PA, about an hour's drive.

As I noted, I've done quite a bit of shopping online; however, it's just so much easier and fun to actually see beads in person and have assistance in choosing a combination of beads for a project.  Lisa's displays are amazing.  She has arranged her tubes of beads in color families.  Colors that coordinate with other colors.  When she explained it, it really did make sense, and, that is the difference in seeing a display of beads in person, rather than combing through page after page and picture after picture online.  My necklace pattern calls for black, grey, white, and silver.  I chose black, opaque smoke grey, opaque eggplant luster, matte metallic steel blue, and crystal ivory gold luster.   I got to actually hold the tubes in my hands and swap colors to see if they fit.  Oh, and did I mention, Lisa helped me.  It is an amazing luxury to have assistance, rather than a pointed finger showing you the direction of a product. 

It was so much fun.  The store is absolutely delightful.  Lots of tubes of beads, an amazing display of tools for all sorts of projects, from wire to threads and ribbon.  I also learned that Lisa loves to paint flowers and leaves.  I'm not exactly sure what to do with them; however, I know that somewhere in my future, there will be a bracelet, necklace, or a pair of earrings with her amazing flowers.

OK --- so Pottstown might not be near you, or even in the same state.  List will be happy to assist you by phone and will send you your purchases.  If you are close,  she has tables in the back of the shop for classes.  So, if you are within driving distance, she will be announcing classes soon.  Be sure to join her mailing list and mention that you saw this blog.

Wishing You Happy Beading --- Anne Zuckerman, PS Toad


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