When Did Texts and Bots Happen?

Did Spending Five Hours on a One-Hour Youtube Video Say Something About Me?

How did it happen?  Am I That Old?  I just finished building another website.

It's amazing.  The learning and change never stops.  When I was in school with George Washington (it's a joke), you passed the test, got the grade, and moved on.  But in today's world, you pass the test and then they change both the questions and the answers as well as the physical test.  Tests used to be on paper with a #2 Pencil.  At some point, the actual tests ascended to the cloud.

I joke while trying to text that I would be faster if I were 15, but, the fact that I'm even texting and using a calendar on my phone is an accomplishment.  In fact, I know lots of women, my age and older, who text, have IPads, have websites, and have their own companies.

We, the experienced entrepreneurial women of today, refuse to just walk away.  We've worked too hard to be out of touch as we grow older.  I must say that beside the ever-changing technology, the vocabulary seems to also be a challenge.  When I was young, it was a waist cincher, now a waist trainer.  A girdle became shapewear.  And, why do all of us seem to need imogies.

Having said all that, I went from taking inventory on graph paper in a notebook to Quickbooks.  Back in the day, I learned how to use an IBM Selectric and a Xerox 800 with memory cassettes.

Well, today, I spent five hours watching a one hour tutorial on how to build a Shopify website.  The crazy part is that it's taken me years and untold hours of study to acquire the tools that enabled me to only do it in five hours.  And, it still needs lots of work.  You see, it's like those tests, it will never be perfect and it will never be complete.

But -- it's online and working.  Thank you to all my teachers, mentors, coaches, vitamins and smoothies.  I could have never done it without you.

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  • Katy Scarpone

    Love your story, an entrepreneur is always an entrepreneur, for people like you there is no age, no gender, no colour, no time or no space that will stop or change that drive. Technology has had a good laugh at many of us, women entrepreneurs who are 50+ and even 40+ years of age, but many are having the last laugh because the learning leap has been huge leap, nonetheless we are taking it and many like you are winning. Cheers to a brilliant woman entrepreneur.

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